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At Champion Orthopaedic, our concern is to find a non-surgical solution if at all possible. Did you know 97% of patients' problems are resolved without surgery? Our specialized staff uses state of the art equipment and proven, non-surgical methods to make sure you get the best and most proper care promptly and professionally.
Our goal get to see you fast and set you on the road to recovery as soon as possible. If you contact our office at (662) 420-7350 during business hours, our goal is to see you that very day if possible. Click here to find us or contact us online.
Ask around. There is a reason Champion is one of the most sought after clinics for Orthopaedics and Sports Medicine. People all over the region have found out the difference - you don't always have to have surgery to find a remedy for your pain. Let us find a way to help.
Specializing in broken bones, sprained ankle, ultra-sound injections, x-ray, sports medicine and all bone related injury for Olive Branch / Southaven, MS and Memphis, TN. Our main goal is to find an orthopaedic solution without involving surgery and to see you fast and efficiently.

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